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Transparent LED Screen Indoor / Outdoor

Indoor Transparent LED Screen A transparent LED screen has a high perspective rate and a permeability from 50% to 90%, which ensures the original lighting and perspective of the transparent LED wall. Rigard transparent LED screen has a lightweight of 12kg/m², and a small footprint of 10mm of thickness. No steel structure is needed for the transparent LED screen makes it good-looking and has a low cost. It is maintained easily and efficiently indoors. Since Rigard transparent LED screen needs no fan or air conditioner for cooling down, it is energy-saving and environmental-friendly that saving more than 40% of energy costs compared to the traditional transparent LED screen. Outdoor Transparent LED Screen Rigard outdoor transparent LED screen has a low wind resistance and no steel structure is needed. The transparent LED screen allows front-end maintenance, which is convenient for maintaining and installing. Additionally, as no air conditioner or fan is needed to cool down, Rigard t

High transparency effect of transparent LED display
The transparent LED display occupies a small space and is light in weight
The transparent LED display only needs a simple steel frame structure
which saves a lot of costs
The maintenance of the transparent LED display is convenient and fast
Transparent LED display saves the lighting cost of the building
Transparent LED display is energy-saving and environmentally friendly
The transparent LED display is easy to operate and has strong controllability

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